Feng Shui Pixiu Tips: Harnessing Prosperity and Protection

jade pixiu

Pixiu, a mythical creature revered in Chinese culture, is known for its auspicious qualities that bring wealth and ward off negative energy. However, harnessing the full potential of Pixiu requires understanding its symbolism and observing specific Feng Shui guidelines. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the dos and don’ts of Pixiu placement and usage to maximize its benefits.

Proper Activation through Rituals:

Pixiu should undergo a formal consecration ritual before it can manifest its spiritual qualities. These rituals infuse Pixiu with cosmic essence and energy, making it an effective tool for attracting wealth and repelling negativity. Avoid disrespectful practices like using uncharged Pixiu figurines, as they lack the necessary spiritual connection and won’t fulfill their intended purpose.

Placement in Your Home:

Pixiu possesses both auspicious and fierce attributes, making it unsuitable for the bedroom. Instead, position Pixiu in the central hall of your home. The center of the house is the heart of its energy, and placing Pixiu there enhances its power. If central placement is not possible, you can position Pixiu on the windowsill of your room, facing outward. Never place Pixiu facing the bed or mirror, as it can generate adverse effects.

Placing Pixiu in the Office:

For your workplace, position Pixiu in the wealth area, facing the door but not directly opposite the restroom. Keep in mind that Pixiu shouldn’t be positioned too high or too low. It’s best to place Pixiu facing an unobstructed window or a clear space and avoid having it face mirrors or yourself. If you work extensively on a computer, ensure Pixiu isn’t positioned directly in front of the screen to avoid conflicting energies.

Minimal Movement:

Once Pixiu is placed according to Feng Shui principles, avoid moving it frequently. In case of relocation, wrap Pixiu’s head in red cloth, and after unwrapping it in the new location, rinse it with clean water. If Pixiu becomes damaged or needs replacement, respectfully dispose of the old one in a temple’s candle recycling area.

Cleaning Pixiu:

To maintain Pixiu’s energy, clean it with clear water or wipe it with a clean white cloth. Avoid using soiled water or dirty fabrics, as these can disrupt its spiritual connection. Refrain from using chemical cleaning agents like detergents or cleansers.

Orientation of Pixiu’s Head:

Pixiu’s head orientation carries significance. A Pixiu with a tilted head brings enhanced wealth luck, while one with a straight head enhances overall prosperity.

Pixiu Jewelry:

If you wear Pixiu jewelry like bracelets or rings, ensure they are worn on your left hand. This aligns with the traditional belief of welcoming wealth and good fortune through the left side.

Avoid Mixing with Tiger Zodiac:

According to traditional beliefs, Pixiu and the Tiger zodiac sign conflict energetically. Wearing both Pixiu and Tiger-themed items can weaken Pixiu’s potency. To avoid interference with Pixiu’s effects, refrain from wearing Tiger-related accessories alongside Pixiu.


Pixiu’s mystical attributes have been embraced by generations for their potential to attract prosperity and safeguard against negative energies. Applying these Feng Shui guidelines, you can ensure that your Pixiu figurine or jewelry remains a potent symbol of wealth and protection in your life, while respecting its spiritual significance.