Industrial Waterproof Connectors for Communication optical transceiver

IP68 Connector

In the internet era, seamless and efficient data transmission is crucial, and communication optic modules play a pivotal role in providing the necessary technical support. These modules are commonly used to enable fiber optic access networks and ensure efficient and stable data transmission. Among the critical components of communication optic modules, reliable and high-speed connectivity is essential to guarantee efficient long-distance data transmission.

In this blog, we will explore how Shine Industry provides an industrial waterproof connector solution that meets the technical requirements of communication optic modules. Shine Industry’s DH series connectors, including RJ45 signal connectors and HDMI data connectors, have been carefully designed to offer outdoor reliability and safety, making them ideal for outdoor communication optic modules.

Waterproof and Corrosion-Resistant, Suitable for Outdoor Environments:

While waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties are not mandatory for communication optic modules, they are essential for outdoor installations. Shine Industry’s DH series industrial connectors boast a patented waterproof design, ensuring outstanding water resistance. The connectors come with an IP65/IP67 protection rating as a standard, and some models can achieve an even higher IP68 rating.

Moreover, the connectors’ outer shells are made from durable alloy material and undergo a corrosion-resistant treatment process, including chrome plating and anodizing. These measures enable the connectors to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, resisting the ingress of water, dust, and corrosive substances.

High Transmission Speeds, Smooth and Stable Data Transfer:

High-speed data transmission is vital for ensuring smooth and stable network operations. Shine Industry’s DH series RJ45 signal connectors offer options such as CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a, ensuring data transmission at Gbps-level speeds. Meanwhile, the DH series HDMI data connectors incorporate state-of-the-art HDMI2.0 or HDMI2.1 technology, enabling data rates of over 18 Gbps.

Whether it’s converting electrical signals from the optic module for user consumption or transmitting optical data signals to the fiber optic network, these connectors guarantee high-speed, low-latency data transfer with ample capacity.

High-Fidelity Transmission, Immune to External Interference:

Maintaining signal quality and integrity during transmission is crucial for efficient network communication. Shine Industry’s DH series waterproof connectors feature robust metallic shells that provide excellent protection for the RJ45 and HDMI modules inside, both in indoor and outdoor environments. This protection is a vital barrier to ensuring reliable communication transmission.

HDMI fiber optic cables also transmit optical signals, eliminating concerns about electromagnetic interference. For RJ45 connectors, the metal shells act as effective electromagnetic shields, reducing the impact of external electromagnetic sources on the signal path. This ensures that both local area networks and wide area networks experience high-quality, uninterrupted data transmission.

Secure Connection, Resistant to External Stress and Loosening:

A secure connection is essential to prevent communication optic modules from experiencing instability or disconnection due to loosening connectors. Shine Industry’s DH series industrial waterproof connectors employ a highly reliable three-point spiral locking structure, which has earned a patent for its design. These connectors provide a tight and secure coupling, with a separation force of less than 100N, ensuring they remain firmly connected despite external stressors.


Communication optic modules heavily rely on high-quality industrial waterproof connectors to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission. Shine Industry’s DH series connectors deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the technical demands of these modules. With their waterproof and corrosion-resistant design, high-speed transmission capabilities, and immunity to external interference, these connectors play a vital role in supporting seamless and stable communication networks.

Additionally, Shine Industry’s YM series plastic connectors also meet the requirements of communication optic modules. While both series share similarities in connector type and locking mechanism, they differ in material. The DH series features a full metal construction, while the YM series is made of premium outdoor-grade engineering plastic. Depending on specific environmental requirements, either series can be suitable for outdoor communication optic modules.